About simulators

What simulators exist?

Once in the gym for the first time, you can get lost in a variety of devices of complex design for training - simulators. Some, for example, a crossover is a complex engineering structure at all and it is not entirely clear to a beginner how and what to train with it. By the way, you can't figure out an ultra-modern treadmill without a trainer.

The variety of exercise machines in the gym is divided into cardio and strength training machines. Cardio equipment includes structures that increase endurance, for example, orbitreks, treadmills and exercise bikes.

Lever - these simulators provide work with free weights. The weight can be adjusted independently. In their design, a place is provided for the placement of cargo (weighting discs). Exercise on such simulators minimizes the load on the spine and joints due to maximum fixation and stabilization of the body.


Learn about the features of simulators


Created for those who can't pull themselves up on the crossbar.

Lever pull

The simulator is a device for training the muscles of the back.

T-neck design

A simulator for training the back. Working on it is like training.

Leg Trainer

Their main advantage is the unloading of the knees, which makes it a safe tool.

Simulator for information

They are often found in the same simulator design for both muscle groups.

Hackenschmidt Simulator

Gakk machine is a highly effective simulator for training leg muscles.