About simulators

What simulators exist?

Once in the gym for the first time, you can get lost in a variety of devices of complex design for training - simulators. Some, for example, a crossover is a complex engineering structure at all and it is not entirely clear to a beginner how and what to train with it. By the way, you can't figure out an ultra-modern treadmill without a trainer.

The variety of exercise machines in the gym is divided into cardio and strength training machines. Cardio equipment includes structures that increase endurance, for example, orbitreks, treadmills and exercise bikes.

Lever - these simulators provide work with free weights. The weight can be adjusted independently. In their design, a place is provided for the placement of cargo (weighting discs). Exercise on such simulators minimizes the load on the spine and joints due to maximum fixation and stabilization of the body.


Load in simulators of this type is built into the structure and consists of plates of the same weight. With the help of a design of a vertical pin and a latch passing through them, it is possible to change the weight, and this solution makes it possible to change the weight in steps (on average 5 kg). With the help of a block system, the athlete works with the load. The variety of such simulators is very large. An excellent example of this type of simulator would be a crossover. This simulator allows you to train any muscles. With the help of a crossover, you can train the muscles of the chest, back, abdomen, deltoids, biceps and triceps, as well as the thigh muscles. By the way, the crossover is often equipped with additional training structures, such as a horizontal bar, vertical and horizontal traction.



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500 CAD

Elliptical simulators

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505 CAD

Cardio equipment

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570 CAD

Exercise bike

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385 CAD


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555 CAD

Rowing simulator

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600 CAD

Leg Simulators

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420 CAD


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700 CAD

Strength simulators

Exercise machine "butterfly"

It is an excellent additional simulator for working out the pectoral muscles. This is a block simulator equipped with a horizontal (90 degrees) backrest, which serves as a support for the back. Moving parts are arm levers moving along the same trajectory. Thanks to them, the athlete smoothly brings his hands together. This compound provides excellent concentration at the peak of information and perfectly works out the central part of the pectoral muscles.